February 25, 2022. FAYETTEVILLE, GA. Fayette Senior Services’ (FSS) recognizes Paul-Ann Gray, owner of Party Divas for her generous efforts in coordinating Valentine’s Gifts for our 120 Meals On Wheels (MOW) recipients. Paul-Ann created a wonderful community initiative that allowed individuals to adopt a senior valentine. She then created beautiful balloon themed arrangements and delivered them to the Fayette Senior Services’ center for them to be delivered to every Monday Meals On Wheels recipient on Valentine’s Day! Although this may seem small to some, for many of these clients, this small act of kindness has a major impact on them! “I know these are such a small gesture and to many wouldn’t be much, but for me it was such a wonderful surprise and something I never get! It meant the world to me and I can’t share my gratitude enough,” expressed one recipient through teary eyes. FSS received an abundance of appreciation from many of the Meals On Wheels clients for several days following. Seeing our community come together to spread kindness to others is heartwarming!

MOW is about more than just a warm meal, it also provides companionship and a wellness check each day for those receiving them. “We are not just delivering people their meals, we are delivering them joy and love! When we go to their homes their faces light up because they know that they are not forgotten. It is important for people to always feel like they matter, especially for our homebound seniors who often don’t see many people throughout their week. We do this for them and feel grateful that we are able to spread love and joy,” shared Meals on Wheels volunteer Debbie Collette. It’s hard to imagine that so many seniors in Fayette County are not only going hungry simply because they have difficulty preparing a meal, but are also lonely and in need of a friendly smile. Meals are delivered by a dedicated group of volunteers. These visits enable home bound seniors to continue to live independently in the comfort of their own home. Many of our clients often share the impact it has on their lives and their gratitude for the service! “I look forward to receiving Meals On Wheels every day, not only for the meals, but also for the companionship it provides for me! It is more than just a meal, it makes those getting them feel loved and like they mean something to the community. I was provided the opportunity to have a tasty and healthy meal and the drivers who deliver the meals have become some of my closest friends. Without Meals On Wheels, I would have little contact with others. Meals On Wheels is my whole day!” expressed one of FSS’ MOW recipients. Help make a difference in the lives of seniors.

For over four decades, Fayette Senior Services has been making a meaningful difference in the emotional, social, and physical well-being of older adults. Contact Carrie Bittinger, Meals On Wheels Coordinator, at 770-461-0813 or cbittinger@fayss.org to learn more about Meals On Wheels or if you have an interest in becoming a Meals On Wheels volunteer. For more information on Fayette Senior Services, visit www.fayss.org or call 770-461-0813. Fayette Senior Services is a proud member of Meals On Wheels America.